April 6, 2017

Desiring the oblivion, that could soon fade..

Moments and memories, over years we made..

Heart full of sorrow, lends no space to them!

Flowing thru eyes, dropped in no man’s land..

Orphaned by creators, these wandering eye sores.. 

Keep knocking the door, where heart resides no more!

With the death of love, emotions left abode..

So now desiring the oblivion, to silence this ode..


Recipe of a delicious life

February 5, 2017

Variety is the essence of life. Thought of getting served the same meal day after day itself is distasteful. Adrenaline seeks experiments and exploration of new vistas but when it comes to life, all we wish is consistent monotony of good days!!!Isn’t that being biased?

 When life serves different meals through different incidences…bitter, sour, good, bad..just experience it..accept it..make a choice for future and move on to the next serving. Not every dish will be delightful, taste it and note what made it go right or wrong. If you detest what’s served every time, perhaps it’s time to contemplate and change the ingredients that you have been giving to life. 

If your basket is filled with sorrow, anger, complaints..life will have no choice but to serve hot & chilly dishes that might burn your taste buds. If you like it little sweet…fill your basket with joy, smiles and gratitude. If you wish to be served warm ..provide sunshine and compassion. 

Give the ingredients you desire and life will assure that you are served what you deserve!!! 

Still forever ..

October 22, 2016

I know u r not here..

Still I wish to talk 
I know we can’t meet again…

Still I dream in dark 
I know u have priorities 

Still I hope u get back..
I know this wait is forever..

Still everyday I mark
I know u r not mine..

Still I want u with all my heart ..

Banished baritone 

March 21, 2016

Seeking a sound in silence

That familiar friendly tone

It chirped for years together 

In my solitudinal zone
My soul encored to that baritone 

When he leisurely sang his note 

though I mutely felt disparaged 

Realising I never had his vote 
Longing our long lost discourses 

I condemn every urge to hold 

Onto what has however past by 

I banish that love untold

Adieu 2015

December 31, 2015

I often used to wonder why do we need to close a year and start anew every time? Why a mere change of date should be so hyped up? But over the time, the beauty of bidding an adieu to a year unfolded before me. I then realised that these are not mere closures, but reminders to make way for fresh beginnings. They offer opportunities like a new canvas to paint a neater and better future.  They give a chance to hold the race, sit back, contemplate and declutter our hearts to cultivate new love. 

So dear 2015..on the last day of your gift of 365 days..

I thank …

God for bestowing his endless blessings on all of us, for without his grace no life can glow. 

I cherish…

Every smile & tear shared with my loved ones, for it strengthened my faith in the power of love. 

I forgive…

Myself and others for every mistake made..I let go of every wrong done to me, for to err is human and to forgive is divine. 

I embrace …

Everything that can’t be changed, for nothing is greater than the peace of soul. 

I aspire …

To be of greater good to myself and the world around me, for true living begins with giving. 

I wish …

To keep scaling newer expanse of life, for stagnancy is a sad waste of precious life. 

Let’s offload our baggage from the past and gear up to fill in new memories. May the new year showers on us new hopes and strength to keep them alive!

Happy 2016 to all..

I crave..

October 13, 2015

In the world of mindful practical hearts 

I crave..
For that humanly touch to my soul 
the one who is always there for me to hold 

Through the fragile moments and lost control

Who lives by heart’s calling, denying mindful code

I crave…
For the tender whispers ‘I am there’
Beyond time zones and things to back hold 
A love, heedless to change for any fear 
That remains a constant be it new or old 

I crave..

For that eternal bond of souls..

You Only Live Once

August 11, 2015

A beautiful creation by Shambhavi ..worth a share


Done with your pretense,
Tired of it now!
Your words don’t make any sense…
You shall reap what you sow!
Your humanity is flickering;
Just a whisper of an angel will extinguish,
Your flame of lies and pretending…
I wanna live with no fear, no anguish!
With your help, I’m a step closer to it;
Closer to my freedom,
Release my soul bit by bit…
I’m no medium for your fun!
I’m no one to you…
I never was…
At least I hoped for a “miss you too”!
Achieved nothing but incurred loss.
Loosen the tourniquet of your venomous love; Let me fly away,
Higher up and above!
This time I won’t sway
I won’t fall all over again;
For the fact that was never true.
No more I will be surviving under your reign!
Hurting you is not in my virtue.
I just want to be free,
Let me…

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Old wine

July 29, 2015

Recently after seeing my pic, my 15 years old nephew told me “Bua, you look elder now.” Zapped for a moment I felt a strong sting in my heart..’ Jeeze…I am AGEING and it’s apparent !! No..this can’t be happening to me yet !!’ It took me a while of silence and brief contemplation to see the facts vividly. Thoughtfully I then told him, ‘sweetheart…to a kid, of course, I would look elder.’ 

Dwelling further on that thought I realised how discomforting the concept of ageing really is! No one wants to get old though everyone is bound to. The process of ageing begins with our very first breath and the clock keeps ticking until the last inhale. Still, the phenomenon scares most of us. The onus lies upon the social conditioning that instils the fear of old age and death in our hearts and mind. 

When a small child ages we call it growth. When a teenager ages we call it youth. And a young fellow ages we call it old age! We coin terms that suite us best and tag them to everyone’s life. Young is good and old is gone is merely a mindset stacked on us. There will always be people younger and elder to you no matter what age you currently exist in.  Every stage has its own glory. We don’t cross different stages of life merely to get old and exhaust. Change and growth is the axis of life. If one particular stage was forever to stay, life would be inbearably stagnant. We are meant to have a taste of each stage and savor every change served to us. 

Age where weakens the body, the experience that the process brings along strengthens the mind. People who understand and implement this code to living, they never fret ageing any more. For them gray strands become the silver lining in the cloud and wrinkles the precious marks of memories lived. Enjoy life and live in its true spirit as it comes !!

Spirit of Love 

July 27, 2015

To usher deserted land of soul

You can’t force love to spring

In meadows of sinful lusty lands 

You can’t force love to cease 

It’s heart’s free will to sail or soar 

To take a wing or set a nook 

It throbs for the one expected least 

It aches for reasons beyond its reach
Mystic obsession finds peace in ache 

You can’t guide love from fair and fake 

When sighs of soul forms clouds of affection 

You can’t keep love from pouring with passion 


July 16, 2015

My hands opened each day I existed

To grab the best of both the worlds

Some treasures I could reach and catch 

And many remained distant whirls

Pain squeezed my barren heart,

Eyes overlooked the hand held. 

I served for greed’s eternal loop 

Until the last breath got drained. 

My soul departed in misery,

Leaving treasures fisted and eyes empty.