Ugly Reality

June 16, 2018

Deep ocean of emotion,

Often disgraced and dejected,

For being too ugly for noble human nature,

Where things r projected pristine!

Accepting what’s less than noble is filth,

Asks to Burry every feeling less standard, as guilt.

I fret and protest; I crave to stay honest!

No matter how ugly the truth be..

It’s my reality.. I embrace and adore it!

No matter what the ideal world’s Norms be,

I choose to live and rest in peace,

Embracing my reality..



May 7, 2018

Poetry blooms when the heart bleeds

Soreness it couldn’t hide or hold.

No strength to strangle piercing screams

Choked sighs breakout into howls.

Bridge of patience broken

seas of tears roar

Raging emotions stretch out

for heavens laying cold

Craving for a ray, warmth of a hope

Trapped under the mask of sobriety

and frail efforts to cope..

the Somber soul awaits liberty


April 6, 2018

A poem dedicated to all the brave-hearts who battled a life threatening ailment and left untimely, but their stories forever keep inspiring the posterity….

Everyone has to leave…

though you left a little too early ..

But you taught us a lot…

You left such a legacy…

How to keep that smile beaming through the pain..

How to spread happiness selflessly beyond your own gain…

How to battle bravely defeating all odds…

How to give hope to others when your own life is lost…

Your mortal being may have given up today …

but ur spirit stays with us undefeated!

It was a life short lived…

but the grandeur was splendid…

Rest in Power my brave-heart ..

I bow my head to your indomitable spirit!

Turning 40

March 24, 2018

I had only heard that age matures a person. Didnt know will feel it with the strike of the clock that turned me from 39 to 40. Life suddenly seems to be making sense. Clarity comes in just a whim. What had been happening all this while??! It’s time to take charge. Go for a fresh’s the second innings and gotta make sure it is better than the last.

1. Love everyone who loves u genuinely. Ofcourse there’s no need to be after those who don’t keep u on priority list. Doesn’t matter if tht sounds anything less than ideal.

2. Make urself happy. Take charge..keep urself first. Doesn’t matter if that sounds self centric. Coz u can’t help anyone if u cannot help ur own self. Only a happy heart can spread happiness.

3. Make ur dreams come true. Work smart coz u don’t have ample time to work ur ass off now. Just go and get what u want coz it’s kinda now or never

4. Stay fit. Take a hell lot of care of ur body. It’s the only one whose gonna stay with u until ur last breath. Rest all r deal breakers.

5. Spread smiles. Beam ur happiness ..make it infectious every chance to light up the place where u r..become a memorable memory, if not to all, atleast to a few…that’s all that matters ..

6. Axe every things that axes ur self esteem and confidence ..coz ur self image is the only passport to the flight of ur dreams.

Here’s to the new beginnings’s to turning 40….!


March 18, 2018

Bear not, let it flow..

For feelings are meant to be shared

Hide it not, let them know..

Who are loved in secrecy and cared

Lighten up, pour it out, say it eye to eye

Wait not for life’s impromptu goodbye

Let go of ‘I’ …let go of ‘Why’

Let ‘what ifs’ not keep you at bay

take a leap, dive into the oceanic emotions

Pour the heart out, let ’em hear u say

Unveil …Usher…the way to ur heart

Rejoice the union let fears depart..

Feel the love

March 17, 2018

A whisk a flair

A free flowing air

Chooses its own direction

It stays for a while or entire life

Can’t predict can’t control

Stay still with open heart and soul

Let it come..Stay or go

Cherish the feel of love, and let it go


March 17, 2018

Not just a coin…but almost every existing thing in life has two faces. Good-bad, virtue-vice, heaven-hell, success-failure and so on. All our lifetime we keep oscillating between these two aspects. At times times sad, at times successful at times a fail. Entire life becomes a delirium to be on the right side of the world. As no one wants to have a mid-life crisis…yet ironically most end up whirling into it.

Yes, failure hurts, but who defines success? Yes, sadness stings, but who defines happiness?

Perfection again is a delirium…at the end of your life, who’s going to decide if it was a life well lived..? Indeed, it’s YOU..! Because no matter how rich u get, someone will be richer than you, or how many people you make happy, someone will be left hurt.

Antidote to this delirium is every step, big or small, adds up to success if you keep walking in the direction of your calling.

Keep walking…

From pain

March 14, 2018

From pain comes poetry

From fail comes victory

From nowhere comes hope

From helplessness comes cope

From wounds comes heal

From heartaches comes will

From fear comes bravery

From solitude comes chivalry

Welcome what comes for what it brings

Winter is always followed by spring

Last goodbye

March 14, 2018

Never touched, though u stayed close like shadow

Never felt you, though you warmed and made me glow

We existed in a world, virtually true

Forever there, anytime, for me and you

All we had were words, words were all we had

What went so wrong what felt so bad?

Why the glass we existed in was shattered ?

What became so sever? What so much mattered ?

How the tumult became beyond a resolve?

When Bonding shared was stronger than love

How could letting go for you mattered more?

But if it has, I shouldn’t hold you anymore

With heavy heart yet hope held high

I bid you my last goodbye..


April 6, 2017

Desiring the oblivion, that could soon fade..

Moments and memories, over years we made..

Heart full of sorrow, lends no space to them!

Flowing thru eyes, dropped in no man’s land..

Orphaned by creators, these wandering eye sores.. 

Keep knocking the door, where heart resides no more!

With the death of love, emotions left abode..

So now desiring the oblivion, to silence this ode..